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Urban Service Areas

Lac La Biche
The hamlet of Lac La Biche is the region’s primary service centre. From rugged beginnings as a fur trading post, the hamlet has grown to feature all the comforts of home. Enjoy lunch downtown or have a waterside picnic in McArthur Park, then stroll along the lakefront to the statue of David Thompson, built to mark the hamlet’s bicentennial.

Amenities: Accommodations, recreation centre, fuel and supplies, food, shopping, lake access, trails, parks, museums, Visitor Information Centre, equipment rentals, local airport, bus/taxi services 

The bilingual hamlet of Plamondon is located 30 kilometres east of Lac La Biche.

Amenities: Accommodations, campground, community centre, fuel and supplies, food, shopping, trails, parks, museum

Rural Communities


The small, tight-knit hamlets of Hylo and Venice feature an outdoor rink, an indoor curling rink and a thriving ag society. Experience true small-town fun at Hylo Harvest Days, held annually in August. 

Amenities: community centre

Owl River

Located on the north side of Lac la Biche (lake), Owl River is a small agricultural community. 

Amenities: Accommodations, campground, community centre

Rich Lake 


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