Business Licences

Lac La Biche County now has a Business License Program, Bylaw 22-002, to help us understand the types of businesses running in our municipality, the services they offer, the number of staff and who is running them. This information also helps us determine business gaps, track new businesses, business activity in Lac La Biche County, and communicate with you more effectively.

Promoting Your Business

One of the reasons we've started a Business License Program is to assist promoting what you offer to our community, the greater region, and beyond. We ask for your website address, social media accounts and other contact information so we can help tell the story about you and your business. 

You can opt-out of our online business listing on the application form, but we encourage you to be listed.

How To Apply

We have a convenient online application process that provides us with all of the information we need to complete your application. Once we receive payment and confirm your details we will send the needed materials back to you without having to visit our office.  Please be sure to fill out the portion of the form that asks who to send the license to and your preferred method of contact from us.

Before Getting Started we ask that you refer to our Business Category Listing to find the type of business you are operating. You will need this information to complete your application.


Business Licence Fees

If you apply for your 2023 Business Licence before July 1, 2023, the fees for 2023 are completed waived. If you apply on or after July 1, the annual fees are as follows:

Resident Business$50 annually
Non-Resident Business$75 annually
Home-Based Business$25 annually
Resident Hawker/Peddler$5 per week, to a maximum of $50 annually
Non-Resident Hawker/Peddler$10 per week, to a maximum of $50 annually

Application Form

A fillable PDF is available by clicking on the link below. It can be downloaded, filled out on your computer, saved and then printed for signatures. Once the form is complete, scan it and send it to  

If the form is received via email on or after July 1, 2023, we will make arrangements for payment once we receive your completed form.

Alternatively, the form can be printed, hand filled and dropped-off at our offices located at McArthur Place in Lac La Biche. Payment can be made in person when your visit our office.

Need help or more information?

Feel free to contact us for help filling out the application form or to ask any questions.

P:  (780) 623-5017